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About Us

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Who Are We?

We are experienced and educated marketing and interactive media professionals, dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative products and services. Our team specializes in marketing consultation, developing web sites, high-powered PowerPoint Presentations, audio production/editing, video editing, and offering training and technical support on hardware and software.

SmithKing Media’s client relationships are built on a foundation of integrity!

Web Design

We consult with you to determine the best look for your brand and website. Our goal is to provide you with a design that is attractive and helps your brand and your business soar. 

Your web presence is essential and it is a mirror to your brand. When someone wants to know about your brand, they immediately search the internet. Get a web site that will make you shine!


SmithKing Media, LLC provides consultation for your personal and professional interactive media needs. We help you establish an innovative look for your brand and create a web presence that will attract new and existing customers. When new and existing clients want to know about your and your brand, they surf the internet to experience the type of marketing you do for your business, as well as review the contents of your web site.

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